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Malloy and Obama, two peas in a pod

Few people were surprised when Gov. Dannel Malloy described his time with President Barack Obama at the winter meeting of the National Governors Association as “the most inspirational meeting [he’s] ever had.” Indeed, Malloy’s actions both before and since the March meeting have been in tandem with the actions of the president. With Obama’s election […]

True unemployment paints a bleak picture in Connecticut

While the government likes to point to their official unemployment rate as evidence for economic recovery, many argue that this rate, called U3, does not capture a full picture of the economy. Veronique de Rugy and Jason Fichtner of the Mercatus Center say that, “While [the] official unemployment rate remains the primary measure of labor […]

New Haven teachers union attempts school turnaround

One of Connecticut’s teachers unions recently found a new way to flex its political muscles: running a school. The New Haven Federation of Teachers runs the city’s High School in the Community, the sixth in a series of schools designated as needing a “turnaround” and the first turned over to union control. Gov. Dannel Malloy […]

Why doesn’t Connecticut have a top 100 high school?

Although Connecticut has often been commended for its educational achievements, a recent study by Newsweek and the Daily Beast didn’t rank a single Connecticut school in the top 100 schools nationally. The study aimed to rank schools based on their “Newsweek Score,” a number determined by analysis of six key performance indicators: Graduation rate Number […]