Ability to transfer money between party accounts makes contractor ban meaningless [VIDEO]

Federal and state laws allow state party committees to transfer money between their federal and state accounts – using the national party committee as an intermediary – rendering the state contractor ban meaningless at the party level. State contractors cannot donate to certain candidates or to state political parties. However, state parties have federal accounts […]

Gov. Malloy halts funding for communist-linked group under pressure from veterans [VIDEO]

  Gov. Dannel Malloy cancelled plans to provide $300,000 in borrowed state money to a New Haven nonprofit with links to the Communist Party USA after military veterans shared their opposition. Previously, members of the Malloy administration had made comments supportive of the funding for the New Haven People’s Center, including senior advisor Roy Occhiogrosso […]

Why Obamacare will fail [VIDEO]

Zachary Janowski, investigative reporter for the Yankee Institute for Public Policy, addresses the Connecticut Lawyers Chapter of the Federalist Society on January 18, 2012. Dr. Roger Pilon, a Cato Institute Scholar, spoke earlier in the morning about whether the individual mandate will hold up at the U.S. Supreme Court.  

Occupy Hartford, population zero [VIDEO]

The Occupy Hartford protest on the corner of Broad St. and Farmington Ave. lacked protesters Friday afternoon, leaving only a small radio to speak for the movement amid the tents full of trash. “Neither rain nor snow nor dark of night,” one sign promises emptily. At shortly after 2 p.m. on a Friday – with […]