Photo by Johnathon Henninger.

Raising Hale is a media project of the Yankee Institute for Public Policy. We believe that by observing government, we change it.

Nathan Hale, Connecticut’s most famous Revolutionary War hero, provides the inspiration for this site. Hale believed Connecticut could have a better government – and he sacrificed his life for it. We are grateful for the freedoms Hale died for and we plan to Raise Hale by exercising them.

Zachary Janowski is the Yankee Institute’s investigative reporter and the founding editor of Raising Hale. He previously edited a weekly newspaper and covered local government for an afternoon daily.

Janowski is a 2012 Phillips Foundation Robert Novak Journalism Fellow reporting on government’s contribution to the rising cost of healthcare. He is also a board member for the Connecticut Society of Professional Journalists.

He lives in Plantsville. He tweets @RaisingHaleCT and you can also connect with him on the Raising Hale Facebook page. Email him at zach(at)yankeeinstitute.org.