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SCOTUS ruling strikes blow to CT’s forced unionization scheme

As millions anxiously awaited the Supreme Court’s decision in Hobby Lobby v Sebelius (regarding the Affordable Care Act’s mandate that all employers provide contraception coverage despite religious objections) the Justices released their decision in another case that has quietly dealt a huge blow to public unions and to decisions made by Governor Malloy and the […]

Access Health CT CEO Recognized for Valiant Efforts

Last Saturday a group of local college students known as the Wesleyan Young Advocates teamed up with the Middletown Community Health Center to honor the CEO of Access Health CT, the state’s Affordable Care Act portal, Kevin Counihan. Flyers distributed by the student group (pictured left) espoused Counihan and his underlings at Access Health CT for […]

Obama Rewards Malloy with Trip to CT

On Wednesday President Obama will travel to Central Connecticut State University in New Britain to give a speech advocating for an increase in the federal minimum wage to $10.10 per hour. He will be joined by the governors of MA, VT, RI and of course CT. Last week Governor Malloy scored brownie points with the […]

Malloy Slams Jindal for Exposing the Emperor with no Clothes

In the aftermath of the now highly publicized showdown between Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal and Connecticut’s Dannel P. Malloy at the National Governors Association meeting, pundits on both sides have been scrambling to analyze which governor gained the upper hand. However you value the contextual validity of each man’s argument there is one fact that […]

Meyer Totes Grocery Bag Ban

As a senior state senator in your last term one would think that the end of your career would be spent attempting to have an impact on mitigating the plethora of financial problems facing your state including massive unfunded pension liabilities, rising education costs and downgraded credit. Well, you would be wrong, at least in […]

Religious in Public: From Martin Luther King to Coach Ernest Jones

This week we honor a man who utilized his worldview and passionate ecumenical rhetoric to fight for what he believed to be right. The civil rights movement led by Dr. Martin Luther King is widely regarded as the most influential and righteous social movement in American history, and Dr. King made sure that it was […]

Gun Registration Blues

Of all the heinous political acts, criminal politicians and destructive pieces of legislation I have witnessed or learned about since my relocation to Connecticut two years ago, the activities I partook in today have caused me the most frustration and uncertainty about the future of our state. Today, along with thousands of hard working law […]

Connecticut’s Business Plan Doesn’t Stack Up

Recently I had the privilege of traveling to the great state of Utah to attend a conference hosted by the Koch Institute and the Liberty Fund. The topic was liberty and spontaneous order in society, an examination of what it takes for economies and societies to thrive. The conference, a proliferation of the free market […]

Perry Courts Connecticut

Before Connecticut lawmakers could finish patting themselves on the back for a General Assembly session that left the state in a deeper fiscal crisis, worse business climate and with a downward spiraling economy, word broke that Texas Governor Rick Perry is planning a visit. Perry’s visit to Connecticut marks the latest attempt by the Lone […]