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Connecticut cities receive police grant they most likely can’t maintain

In June, the federal government awarded the state of Connecticut with a $4.7 million grant to save or create 36 positions for police officers around the state. According to the Courant, Hartford received $1.7 million to hire 12 police officers, Waterbury received $1.7 million for 14 officers, New Haven received $750,000 for six and Norwich […]

Do presidential debates matter?

Tonight the country will have its first chance to see President Obama and Governor Romney face off in their first of three presidential debates. As it stands, the race is tight nationally with Obama in the lead with 49 percent and Romney not far behind at 45.2 percent. That leaves 5.5 percent of the population […]

Is early release of prisoners the safe choice for Connecticut?

Just over a year ago the Connecticut General Assembly passed a controversial law allowing the early release of prisoners who show good behavior and participate in rehabilitation programs while serving time. The bill, which passed along party lines, allows non-violent offenders to earn credit for early release with the hope of easing the fiscal burden […]

Conn. teachers unions getting a political return on investments

According to the Wall Street Journal, the two largest teachers unions spent $330 million on politics and peddling influence between 2007 and 2011. “Some of the spending that the two teachers unions identified to the Labor Department as ‘political and lobbying’ activities from fiscal 2007 through fiscal 2011 went to election consultants, voter mobilization and […]

Should Connecticut schools end social promotion?

This year Connecticut was regrettably recognized for having the most dramatic achievement gap in the country. These results suggest that a serious problem exists in our public schools, but a recent study looking at the practice of social promotion and other reforms may offer solutions to Connecticut’s education dilemma. The Manhattan Institute along with the […]