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CEFIA looks to get back green on green-energy

Connecticut’s green-energy bank hopes to make environmentally-friendly energy a better investment. The Clean Energy Finance and Investment Authority presents itself as a break from traditional clean-energy funding organizations. CEFIA, a quasi-public agency, emphasizes low-cost financing and uses private investments to get more with less public money. Created two years ago by Public Act 11-80, CEFIA aims […]

Energy efficiency program cited for inaccurate count of jobs created

A February audit of Connecticut’s energy efficiency and conservation programs found job data “was inaccurate and unsupported.” Auditors examined data from Connecticut’s Department of Energy and  Environmental Protection and released their findings in February. The audit focused on DEEP’s implementation of Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grants from Sept. 14, 2009 through Dec. 31, 2011. The EECBG program […]

Risky business? State hedges bet on solar

Connecticut’s green-energy bank is forming a legal entity to help advance a new solar initiative while protecting the quasi-public agency from investment losses. The Clean Energy Finance and Investment Authority is preparing to launch its Solar Lease 2.0 program, which officials expect to increase the amount of residential solar generation in Connecticut by more than […]

Sweeping reforms in Newtown law go beyond gun control

In response to the tragic Sandy Hook school shootings, Connecticut enacted last week one of the nation’s strictest gun-control laws, but the 140-page law isn’t just about limiting access to firearms. The Gun Violence Prevention and Children’s Safety Act comes about three and a half months after 20-year-old Adam Lanza shot and killed twenty children […]

Newtown legislation will change early-release program

Legislators are considering limits on a state program that allows inmates to earn time off their sentence as part of comprehensive legislation in response to the tragic school shooting in Newtown. The changes would restrict the program to only non-violent offenders. Previously, other bills proposed changes – or even outright repeal – of the program. […]

Opposition widespread to school mental health checks

Advocacy organizations and many Connecticut residents are united in opposing a bill mandating the psychiatric screening of children and teenagers in Connecticut. S.B. 374, An Act Requiring Behavioral Health Assessments for Children, would require schools to administer a “confidential behavioral health assessment” students in grades 6, 8, 10 and 12 and home schooled children aged […]

Q&A: Economist suggests free-market solutions to America’s prison problem

Connecticut’s early release program is hotly debated by critics questioning the plan’s impact on public safety. For most, prison is the default solution to crime, but some experts question this approach. Imprisonment does not have to be the only answer. Learning about alternative solutions proposed by innovative researchers can kick start much-needed discussion on this topic. […]

Auditors: State vaccine inventory ‘grossly inadequate’

The Department of Public Health’s vaccine inventory is “grossly inaccurate,” according to a recent audit. DPH did not record vaccine supplies, prompting the Auditors of Public Accounts to request a report. Subsequent review of the DPH submission found failure to account for 490 vaccines. Since vaccines are not adequately tracked, planning for everyday public health […]

‘America’s mayor’ visits New Britain; Giuliani advises middle path on immigration for GOP

Hundreds braved the chilly Thursday evening, eagerly filling seats in Central Connecticut State University’s Welte Hall auditorium in anticipation of a special event, a speech by Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani. The speech, often punctuated by audience applause, had a part motivational, part memoir style, peppered with light-hearted jokes throughout. “I used to […]