UConn faces deficit and raises tuition while subsidizing sports by $18.9 million

    With UConn facing a $42.6 million budget deficit and raising tuition by 6.5 percent next year, here is a look at the money behind UConn athletics.

    Source: ESPN and author calculations comparing 101 NCAA Division 1-A public colleges and universities with available date for 2013. View data here.

    UConn revenue: $63.3 million, rank 48

    UConn Athletics revenue sources

    1. NCAA and conference: $13.6 million
    2. Licensing: $10.5 million
    3. Student fees: $9.7 million
    4. University subsidy: $9.1 million
    5. Ticket sales: $8.9 million
    6. Donations: $7.2 million
    7. Media rights: $1.7 million
    8. Away game payments: $1 million

    Total subsidy (student fees plus university subsidy): $18.9 million, rank 12

    Unsubsidized revenue: $44.5 million, rank 50

    Coaching expenses: $15.2 million, rank 25

    Return on coaching (unsubsidized revenue divided by coaching expenses): 2.9, rank 70

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