Two of the companies highlighted in state job-creator advertisements recently contributed to the Connecticut Democratic Party’s federal account, one using its political action committee and another through top-level employees.

The ads feature leaders of Jackson Laboratory, Microboard Processing, NBC Sports Group, Datto, CIGNA and Evay Cosmetics. All of the companies received some form of state assistance.

CIGNA’s PAC gave $5,000 to the party in January.

Three NBC Sports and six NBC Universal executives gave a total of $4,600, also in January.

One of the two ads features Princell Hair, senior vice president of NBC Sports Group. Two fellow senior vice presidents, Robert Landau and Gregory Hughes, donated $500 each. NBC Sports Chairman Mark Lazarus donated $1,000.

The owner of the property occupied by NBC Sports gave the party $2,500 in November.

Although both CIGNA and NBC Sports are First Five companies receiving state support, they can legally give to the Democratic Party’s federal account.

William Cabral, an executive at Microboard Procession who didn’t appear in an ad, is a regular contributor to the Connecticut Republican Party’s federal account.