Mark Greenberg, in his third run for Congress in Connecticut’s Fifth District, is well on his way to securing the Republican nomination.

Last week, Farmington became the 21st Republican town committee, out of 40 41, to endorse Greenberg. Support from Farmington is particularly significant because the committee chairman is a 2012 rival of Greenberg’s, Mike Clark.

“Mark has shown as a candidate for public office why he has been so successful as a businessman for more than 35 years,” Clark said in a statement. “He is passionate and tenacious, working for what he believes in. He knows that our country needs to change our economic course – I know he will fight for responsible government and policies to grow our economy.”

Greenberg’s statement on the occasion:

“I appreciate the support of Mike and the Farmington RTC. To have their

endorsement be the one that has provided our campaign with a majority of towns in the 5th District is an added bonus, particularly given the importance of the Farmington Valley in November. The Farmington RTC has demonstrated their ability to win elections and govern their town effectively and I both need and deeply appreciate the support of their members.

“I also appreciate the support of all 21 of the RTC’s that have endorsed me, their leaders and all of the folks who are unifying around our campaign for Congress. The families and businesses I have been meeting with are ready for a change in November. They want leaders in Congress who will fight for them, instead of fighting for a left-wing ideology at the expense of our citizens, as Elizabeth Esty has done.”

Update: The Fifth District has 41 towns, not 40.