Eight donors affiliated with HAKS Engineers – a company paid millions a year by the state Department of Transportation – contributed $45,000 to the Connecticut Democratic Party last month.

In all, the party raised a little more than $300,000 from individual contributions. That means contributions from HAKS account for nearly 15 percent of the money raised in October.

The State Central Committee’s federal account received all of the HAKS-related donations on Oct. 7.

In fiscal year 2013, DOT paid HAKS $6.1 million, according to the General Assembly’s transparency website.

DOT paid HAKS $4 million in 2012, $6.3 in 2011 and nearly $7 million in 2010.

HAKS had two state contracts worth about $4.3 million that date back to before Gov. Dannel Malloy, a Democrat, took office. In 2012, DOT signed two new contracts with HAKS worth another $3.6 million to date, according to the transparency website.

A May 2012 DOT contract with HAKS specifies a $582,534 “fixed fee for profit” and a maximum budget of $7.5 million.

HAKS highlights at least two Connecticut projects on its website.

HAKS chairman Husam Ahmad gave the party $7,000. Uzma Ahmad, who shares the same New York address, contributed $10,000.

CFO Shahid Akhtar and controller Mubbashir Rahman, who live in New Jersey, gave $5,000.

President and CEO Elliot Gene Sander of New York also gave $5,000.

Franco Balassone and Louis Torelli, both Connecticut residents, gave $5,000 each. Another Connecticut resident, Mahmood Mohammed, gave $3,000.