Photo courtesy of Tunxis Community College.

Connecticut’s 12 community college presidents receive about $13,000 a year in perks above and beyond standard state employee benefits such as salary, health benefits and retirement plans.

The additional pay has three components, “optional expenses,” $3,250; “optional benefits,” $3,250; and “executive automobile,” $5,798, according to documents obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request.

One president does not receive the car payment because she does not have a car.

Three of the four state university presidents receive $25,000 per year in additional state money to cover unspecified costs associated with doing their job, according to the Associated Press. The fourth state university president receives $35,000 to cover housing costs, AP reported.

Two top higher education administrators recently resigned after a pay-raise controversy reached the political boiling point.

According to, the state paid the community college presidents the following amounts in 2011:

  • Tunxis, Cathryn Addy, $237,172
  • Gateway, Dorsey Kendrick, $222,898
  • Capital, Wilfredo Nieves, $216,055
  • Norwalk, David Levinson, $209,010
  • Naugatuck Valley, Daisy Cocco DeFilippis, $201,503
  • Three Rivers, Grace Jones, $197,779
  • Manchester, Gena Glickman, $194,289
  • Housatonic, Anita Gliniecki, $186,109
  • Asnuntuck, Martha McLeod, $184,751
  • Northwestern, Barbara Douglass, $181,927
  • Quinebaug Valley, Ross Tomlin, $166,633
  • Middlesex, Anna Wasescha, $79,911 (partial year’s pay, first year as president)