The legislative session begun last week will have to make do with 15 fewer leaders than two years ago: only 94 of the General Assembly’s 187 members have leadership titles this time around.

In addition to the 94 leaders, another 43 legislators are committee chairmen or ranking members leaving only 50 members to receive the base pay of $28,000.

Payments above the base salary cost more than $460,000 in the House and more than $175,000 in the Senate, for a total cost of more than $640,000.

Two years ago the cost was more than $700,000.

There are no senators who earn the base salary because even those without leadership titles serve as chairmen or ranking members of a committee.

Six senators don’t have leadership titles: Beth Bye, D-West Hartford; Steve Cassano, D-Manchester; Terry Gerratana, D-New Britain; Carlo Leone, D-Stamford; Joe Markley, R-Southington; and Len Suzio, R-Meriden.

Fifty House members earn the base salary while 37 representatives without leadership titles serve as committee chairmen or ranking members.

In the Senate, leadership titles include: President Pro Tempore, Majority Leader, Minority Leader, Chief Deputy President Pro Tempore and Federal Relations Liason, Deputy President Pro Tempore (4), Deputy Majority Leader (4), Minority Leader Pro Tempore, Deputy Minority Leader Pro Tempore, Chief Deputy Minority Leader (2), Deputy Minority Leader (3), Assistant Majority Leader (3), Assistant Minority Leader (2), Majority Whip (2), Minority Whip (2) and Assistant President Pro Tempore (2).

Leadership titles in the House include: Speaker of the House, Majority Leader, Minority Leader, Deputy Speaker (6), Deputy Majority Leader (7), Deputy Minority Leader (2), Assistant Deputy Speaker (3), Deputy Minority Leader-At-Large (2), Assistant Majority leader (10), Assistant Minority Leader (10), Majority Whip-At-Large (2), Minority Whip (5), Majority Caucus Chairman, Deputy Majority Caucus Chairman, Deputy Majority Whip-At-Large (2), Deputy Majority Whip, Assistant Majority Whip (8) and Minority Caucus Chairman.