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New Haven expects to contribute $75,000 to the New Haven People’s Center for improvements to its building, a facility that hosts a range of left-wing groups including the state bureau of the Communist Party newspaper.

The center, run by the Progressive Education and Research Association, temporarily missed out on a $300,000 Department of Social Services grant Friday after the item was removed from the State Bond Commission’s agenda.

According to state officials, the item will be ready for a vote at the next commission meeting.

“This is the first year the People’s Center (Progressive Education and Research Association Inc.) was allocated a Community Development Block Grant award for $25,000,” said Elizabeth Benton, spokesman for the city. “The money will go towards emergency structural improvements for the building.”

“They have also been allocated an additional $50,000 towards the building, although the specific fund for that award has not yet been identified,” Benton said. “The Board of Aldermen will vote on the CDBG awards this Monday.”

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