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The Department of Social Services has no records related to the New Haven People’s Center, despite being the agency responsible for $300,000 in proposed funding on the State Bond Commission’s agenda last week.

DSS responded to a Raising Hale request under the Freedom of Information Act by saying there are no relevant records.

“I don’t think it’s unusual for a line agency to be assigned a project through the Bond Commission process, whether it’s DSS or another agency,” said David Dearborn, spokesman for DSS. “When that happens, the agency would follow up accordingly and/or receive written information.”

After Raising Hale reported on the project Friday morning, it was removed from the commission’s agenda.

According to CTMirror, Gov. Dannel Malloy said the project was not ready to receive funding.

On Monday, Malloy’s administration announced new budget estimates that anticipate a $274.8 million deficit this fiscal year, which ends in two months.

According to the commission’s original agenda – which has since been revised to delete this information – the center will use the money for “exterior masonry repairs, new roofing, gutters and soffits, window replacement, heating system improvements and interior flooring improvements.”

The funding is offered through the Department of Social Services under special legislation from 2005.

The center is a project of Progressive Education and Research Associates. According to the center’s website, it hosts the Connecticut bureau of People’s World, the Communist newspaper; Unidad Latina en Accion/Workers Center; Greater New Haven Peace Council; and Food Not Bombs.

The website also mentions collaborations with SEIU 1199 and UNITE HERE.