Sen. Joe Markely, R-Southington, wants the state to cancel the release of private information to unions.

As part of the unionization process Gov. Dannel Malloy began last year with two executive orders, state officials are preparing to release the personal information of several thousand people who work for Connecticut’s elderly and disabled.

In September, Executive Order No. 10 started the process of unionizing personal care attendants, a broad group of independent contractors and employees of small companies who work for people receiving state subsidies.

“The PCA List shall be a public record,” Malloy wrote in his order.

State Sen. Joe Markley, R-Southington, will hold a press conference 1 p.m. Friday urging the state not to release the private information.

Another order issued on the same day, No. 9, began the process of unionizing home daycare owners. The Connecticut State Employee Association successfully won a vote to represent these business owners even though less than half of them returned ballots.

CSEA, also known as SEIU 2001, could generate as much as $2.5 million in new dues revenue from the daycare owners who will increase the size of the union by about 50 percent.

A fact sheet put out by the union said rates should rise at daycare centers “in parallel” with home providers after the union is in place.

Before a union can conduct a similar election with PCAs, it needs the state to turn over a list including their personal contact information.

“This is forced unionization, plain and simple,” Markley said.  “The administration is turning its back on PCAs and disabled residents, who have traveled to the Capitol numerous times in the last few weeks to testify before the Executive Order working groups and council – pleading with members to leave the intimate working relationship between PCAs and the disabled and elderly alone. Handing over these private names and addresses is ignoring the will of the people.”

Sen. Jason Welch, R-Bristol, and Rep. Rob Sampson, R-Wolcott, will join Markley. Cathy Ludlum, a Manchester woman who employs several PCAs, will also attend.