The leaders of one state employee union subgroup have written a letter asking their union not to proceed with a vote on the proposed concession package.

Seven elected leaders of the Engineering, Scientific & Technical Council – also known as P-4 – wrote a June 13 letter to Connecticut State Employees Association President Patrice Peterson claiming “there can be no valid vote on any alleged agreement.”

“We the undersigned are writing to you to express our concerns that the most recent SEBAC 2011 negotiations over-stepped their legal authority,” the seven P-4 leaders wrote.

According to the letter, the State Employee Bargaining Agent Coalition is empowered to negotiate for health and retirement benefits, while state law gives responsibility for all other bargaining to the “employee organization designated in as the exclusive representative of employees in an appropriate unit (which in this case, is the P-4 Council of CSEA).”

Under the concession agreement, state employees will receive no wage increases for two years and then 3 percent increases for the following three years. Under the existing contract, P-4 members would have received 2.5 percent increases July 1.

SEBAC did not allow P-4 leaders did to participate in the negotiations, according to the letter.

“Therefore, we urge you to take no action to attempt to conduct any vote on any agreement which was not negotiated by the duly appointed negotiations committees for each CSEA council, and to withhold CSEA’s vote on the SEBAC agreement until all of CSEA’s constituent Councils have had the ability to negotiate and vote upon their individual bargaining unit agreements,” the letter said.

John Vitale, P-4 president; William Richards, P-4 vice president; Byron Lester, P-4 treasurer; Peter Macher, president of Chapter 9; Robert Reilly, executive council delegate; D. Jay Young, executive council delegate; and Stanley Juber, executive council alternate, signed the letter.

P-4 letter to CSEA President