[This article appeared in Budget & Tax News, published by the Heartland Institute, on April 25, 2011.)

Connecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy took office in January knowing he had to balance a budget deficit in excess of $3 billion.

Malloy, the former Mayor of Stamford and a Democrat, makes $150,000 a year under a state law in effect since 2003. Despite the importance of his job, 1,126 state employees receive more money than Malloy does.

The Yankee Institute for Public Policy compiled the data on state salaries and published it on the organization’s CTSunlight.org Web site.

“This data is especially relevant now, when Gov. Malloy is seeking $1 billion in concessions from state employees and many states are reassessing state employee head count, wages, and benefits,” said Yankee Institute Executive Director Fergus Cullen.

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