1Cato founder: Focus on liberty, cut spending

  “At some point this debate is not about spending in the abstract. It’s about what the proper role of government is,” said Ed Crane, founder and president of the Cato Institute, at a luncheon held April 14 by the Yankee Institute for Public Policy. “Somebody has to stand up and say, ‘You know what, […]

01,126 Connecticut Employees Earn More Than Governor

[This article appeared in Budget & Tax News, published by the Heartland Institute, on April 25, 2011.) Connecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy took office in January knowing he had to balance a budget deficit in excess of $3 billion. Malloy, the former Mayor of Stamford and a Democrat, makes $150,000 a year under a state law […]

0Himes calls GOP debt-ceiling demands absurd

Congressman Jim Himes told a group of Hartford business leaders Thursday that Congress is “playing with fire” by debating whether to increase the debt ceiling. Himes, D-4th, said hesitation puts the full faith and credit of the U.S. government in jeopardy. “We have to do the hard work,” he said. “We shouldn’t be governing by […]

0Bridgeport annexes part of Trumbull to build school at record-breaking cost

Update your GPS. Bridgeport just got bigger. Forty-eight acres formerly in Trumbull are now in Bridgeport. Gov. Dannel Malloy signed Senate Bill 1238, a special act changing the municipal-boundary line between Bridgeport and Trumbull, Saturday after the General Assembly passed it unanimously. The state made the boundary change because Bridgeport and Trumbull could not come […]

2Cato Institute founder: America is exceptional

  “One thing I feel strongly about is American exceptionalism,” said Ed Crane, founder and president of the Cato Institute, at a luncheon held Thursday by the Yankee Institute for Public Policy. Crane said he objects to President Barack Obama’s view of American exceptionalism, which he showed while taking questions in Germany. “Some kid asked […]