2Old-fashioned protectionism alive in Connecticut

The New London Day reports on a troubling story about a moving company trying to expand into Connecticut. The company failed to prove “public need” for the service. In most industries, an entrepreneur’s willingness to invest is all the evidence that’s needed. In any case, who care’s if there is no public need. It’s not […]

1It could happen here: False retirement

This headline pretty much says all you need to know, “California pensioner collects six-figure retirement and six-figure salary … for the same job.” Troy Senik at Public Sector Inc. says double-dipping is “one of the many pathologies afflicting the public pension system in California.” This actually has happened here in Connecticut. Last year, Community College […]

0Pension officials get infrastructure pitch, consider other new investments

New York City – Officials from state and local pension funds from around the country heard about alternative investments at their trade group’s annual meeting, including infrastructure and small companies in developing countries. The National Conference on Public Employee Retirement Systems hosted a panel on investing in infrastructure Monday, but audience members asked more than […]

1Government pension convention starts with a combative tone

New York City – Government employees who oversee taxpayer-funded pension systems across North America heard fiery speeches Monday morning calling for battle against political enemies in defense of guaranteed retirement benefits. “There is an extreme push to do away with defined-benefit plans. We’re being attacked,” said Pat McElligott, president of the National Conference on Public […]

0It could happen here: Blog police, Part II

John Hrabe at CalWatchdog has an update on California’s blog police: Following widespread criticism from online pundits and free speech advocates, California’s political watchdog is backing away from a plan to require news websites and bloggers to disclose payments received from campaigns and political committees. Ann Ravel, chairwoman of the Fair Political Practices Commission, announced […]