Republican candidates in Connecticut have paid more than half a million dollars to the Florida-based mail house receiving federal scrutiny, according to State Elections Enforcement Commission records.

Kevin Rennie and the Hartford Courant first reported the involvement of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

House Republican Chief of Staff George Gallo resigned today after acknowledging he was a person of interest.

Campaigns for various offices across the state have used Direct Mail Systems since 2008 and in every year since.

A list of all campaign expenditures to Clearwater, Florida, is available here. The list is a good approximation for all payments made to Direct Mail Systems.

Jeff Wright, a former mayor of Newington, was one of the largest spenders with the company during his 2010 campaign for state treasurer. He said his relationship with the company dated back to the early 2000s.

“It’s who we use,” Wright, who now lives in Texas, said. “They were good.”

“I’m proud of the work they did,” he added.

Wright’s campaign paid Direct Mail Systems more $100,000. He said he could remember at least five campaigns he was personally involved with that used the company.

Reportedly, the FBI investigation has been ongoing since September.

“Our caucus is cooperating fully with the federal inquiry into House Republican activities,” said House Minority Leader Larry Cafero.