With the end of longevity payments for non-union state employees, total payments will fall to $13.6 million this month.

Longevity payments for about 27,300 union employees will appear in their Oct. 18 paychecks. (View the list here.)

Two prosecutors, Matthew Crockett and Andrew Slitt, earned the largest bonus, $6,007.50. A group of administrators for the Connecticut State University System earned bonuses above $4,000 as did about two dozen additional prosecutors.

The average payment is just under $500.

The bonuses are paid based on how long an employee has worked for the state in April and October. Six months ago, about 25,000 union workers received longevity payments.

The General Assembly made the non-union bonuses part of regular salaries starting this year. Over time, this will cost the state more money as these employees earn percentage raises on their new, larger salaries. Gov. Dannel Malloy had already frozen their longevity payments.